Haloonow privacy policy


Our privacy policy applies to Healoonow website, mobile application and related services provided by Beijing Daoyi Network Technology Co., Ltd. (collectively referred to as applications). This privacy policy describes how we collect, use and disclose you and / or your information when you use the applications. The applications will collect and transmit personalinformation about you. By using the applications, you agree that we may collect and use the personal and other information described in the application privacy policies. If you do not agree, please do not use the applications for any purpose.


"Personal information" in this privacy policy refers to basic personal information that you can identify (such as name, age, gender, date of birth, height email address, basic physical information and address, etc.), and any other non-public information related to such information. "Unidentifiable information" in this privacy policy refers to information that is not subjective or used to identify personal information.

Personal information collected and used

We or our third-party suppliers (including but not limited to contractors, service providers, and third parties whose personal information is subject to contractual obligations) may collect the following information: your name, phone number, email address, username, password and other registration information. The information you provide us may include: age, gender, degree of education, information of your professional certificate and license, place of practice and other related information. Payment information you provide to us, such as Paypal account information or credit card information, or information we receive on your behalf from a health plan, employer, or other healthcare benefit provider.

We or our third party suppliers (including but not limited to contractors, service providers and third parties subject to the confidentiality of personal information subject to contractual obligations) may use your personal information for the following purposes:

To serve you.

Improve service quality through internal assessment and similar activities.
Research, data statistics and other relevant statistical work based on internal needs.
Manage unrecognized information (such as summary statistics related to service usage).
Notify you when websites and various APP update or upgrade.
Promote website and various mobile application services to you.
For any other purpose for which you provide us with personal information.
For any other purpose you authorize us.

We may also disclose personal information we collect or you provide:
Our subsidiaries and related subsidiaries.
Comply with federal, state and local laws.
Assist relevant government departments, such as national security and health departments.
Other purposes necessary to protect your safety or the safety of others, protect our rights, investigate fraud or respond to government needs.
For the buyer or other heirs, this website is part of the merger, divestiture, reorganization, dissolution or other sale or transfer of part or all of the assets of Beijing Daoyi Network Technology Co., Ltd., whether it continues to operate or is in bankruptcy, liquidation or similar procedures. And personal information managed and used by the applications are part of the transferred assets.
For any other purpose that we disclose when you provide information.

Unrecognized information collected and used

We and our third-party suppliers may collect unrecognized information, which will be collected automatically when you browse or otherwise visit the website. We can collect such information by tracking or requiring third-party suppliers to track your click stream activity. Such information is irrelevant to user ID by using "cookie" technology or by tracking Internet Protocol (IP) address, including but not limited to the following information:
IP address
Computer and mobile device types
Geographical position
Internet browser type
Operating system

Internet service provider

Access time

We and third party suppliers may use the above collected unidentifiable information for the following purposes, including but not limited to:

Use your geographical location to provide different time difference booking services, and use the geographical location to match the third-party supply services nearby.

Use this information to optimize our website and various mobile application service experiences.

Locate problem areas in the use of websites and various APP, and identify system performance.

Use cookies

We use cookies to help you navigate the website smoothly and get a better experience; you can choose to stop accepting cookies by changing your browser options or to prompt you before you want to accept cookies when visiting the website. However, we need to remind you that if you do not accept cookies, you may not be able to stay logged into this website or various APP. We currently do not accept no tracking requests for all parts of our website or various APP.

Security of privacy

Our website and various APP are only open to our members when providing functional services. We require members to register and log in and be password protected ("register account"). The password protected part of a site is called a secure portal. The security portal contains the member's personal information. Therefore, on the security portal and various APP, we must be able to associate the activities of members with their identities, so we need to collect identifiable information about members. This includes the pages you visit and the services you need.

We know that no website can guarantee absolute safety, but we firmly believe that the information about you is personal. We will strive to keep your information confidential. We constantly seek to protect this information through physical, administrative, and technical means to help protect Phi that you collect through a secure portal in accordance with applicable legal requirements and comply with applicable federal and state guidelines. Although we cannot guarantee that data will not be lost, misused, or changed, we use industry standards (such as SSL Technology) to help prevent such incidents. On the secure portal, the information between your browser and our system is encrypted using SSL technology to establish a protected connection between you and our website to ensure confidentiality.

Our data center has physical and electronic security. Our servers are protected behind the Internet by using firewalls and encryption technology. All data is stored and transmitted in an encrypted format that meets or exceeds the standards set by state and federal laws, and no data is transmitted to users who do not have access to such information.

All information and data you submit through our website and various APP are stored on a secure server in the United States.

Mobile application

Provide related services through software applications on mobile devices. We will collect other non-personal information about your mobile device and computer, including how to use the application, information about the type of device or computer you use, location data, and other information about your use of the application. We use the information collected to analyze and improve members' experience of using the app, and communicate with members about services in other ways. In addition, we will track your location and send push notifications from time to time to let you know about the service and what you can use as a member. If you no longer want to receive such communication, you can turn it off at the device level.

Modification of privacy policy

We may update or modify this Privacy Policy in the future, and publish updates on the website and various APP. If you continue to use our services after such update notice, it will indicate your confirmation of such modification or update, and agree to be bound by such modified or updated terms and relevant agreements. By using this website and various APP, you agree that we collect, use and process personal information and other data described in the privacy policy of this website, whether this version of the privacy policy or a future update. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or want to report violations, please contact us at contactus@healoonow.com.