Acupuncturists service

The Inheritance Studio of China's Famous Senior TCM Physicians is recruiting in North America
Healoonow cooperated with the Inheritance Studio of China's Famous Senior TCM Physicians to go abroad and recruit inheritors from North America.
Iconic Clinical Coaching & Elite Training program; Sharing of 40 Years of Clinical Experience
Successor Certificate from “TCM Heritage Center”
Authoritative Endorsement by Top TCM Doctors to light up your resume and enhance professional reputation
Joining VIP Community and Getting Answers resolved by top TCM Experts
14 Credits for PDA and CEU
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Healoonow Meeting Masters Program
HMMP integrates the resources of top Chinese medicine experts in China using telehealth technology for the purpose of
Enhances the acupuncturist’s ability in consultation and formula
Helps acupuncture clinics expand their customer base
Get more income
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Global Acupuncture Continue Education
Via online conference and bilingual simultaneous interpretation service, Healoonow provides professional and practical TCM teaching to acupuncturists around the world. Certified credits can be obtained.
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World Chinese Medicine Forum
World Chinese Medicine Forum is an independent and non-profit academic exchange platform. The purpose of the forum is to shed light on the latest developments, research trends, and pioneering research in the field of Chinese medicine, and to serve as a venue for academic discussion and development for the Chinese medicine community. The forum brings together top experts, professors, and researchers in the field of Chinese medicine, focusing on specialties for which Chinese medicine holds unique advantages. Our goals are to share potentially impactful research results and to promote the globalization of Chinese medicine.
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Learn from top Chinese HCH experts
Healoonow Trout Program offers high quality internships for North American TCM students.
Top HCH experts from China
Top Global Acupunct. Continuous Education
Authorized Clinics Covering the U.S.
Top quality herbal products registered with US FDA, TGA, Kosher and Halal certified.
#1 Herbal Medicine Granule Manufacturer: Fortune 500/Hong Kong Listed Company, dedicated to geo-authentic and sustainable farming,all registered with US FDA, TGA, Kosher and Halal certified.