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Healoonow is a pioneer and leading brand of holistic and complementary healthcare(HCH) service in North America.We are focusing on providing high quality HCH service for both customers and acupuncturists, connecting customers,acupuncturists,herb manufacturer and insurance company, leading 5,000-year medicine into holistic healthcare.Healoonow has been serving customers from US, Canada, Australia, UK, Italy, and Singapore etc. with 200K registered members and has offered tens of thousands HCH service. It also provides continuous education for acupuncturists and insurance payment solutions. With 10,000 acupuncturists and 2,000 acupuncture clinics(out of which, 50 are HMMP authorized)

Largest online herb shop of North America

Healoonow, Largest online HCH shop of North America, offers about 400 herbs for formula usage, 200 supplements and functional foods.

Cross-border herb supply chain

Complete cross-border supply chain: prepared from Tianjiang, exported to U.S., cGMP standard warehousing and distribution centers, and offline DTP TCM pharmacies covering all states.

Global Acupunct. Continious Education

Via online conference and bilingual simultaneous interpretation service, Healoonow provides professional and practical TCM teaching to acupuncturists around the world. Certified credits can be obtained.

Why Healoonow?

Online and offline HCH service cross U.S.

Enjoy a wide selection of experts and specialists with 2,000 offline acupuncture clinics and online HIPPA-complied platform.

Top experts

30+ years industry experience experts from China and U.S.

Timely delivery of products for speedy recovery

Herbs produced by Tianjiang, the No. 1 TCM pharmaceutical company, certified by KOSHER representing the world's safest quality and 100% natural products and complied with FDA standards.

Experts from Top 10, Grade-A Hospitals in China

Guang'anmen Hospital, Chinese Academy Of TCM

The No 1 Hospital Affiliated With Tianjin University Of TCM

Dongfang Hospital, Beijing University Of TCM

Beijing Hospital Of TCM, Affiliated With Capital Medical University

Xiyuan Hospital, Chinese Academy Of TCM

Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing University Of TCM

Guangdong Hospital Of T TCM

The No 1 Hospital Affiliated With Guangxi University Of TCM

Shuguang Hospital Affiliated With Shanghai University Of TCM

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