Healoonow is the largest service platform in North America with seamless integration of traditional and modern medicine.

By pioneering an innovative and holistic model, Healoonow leverage the best advantages from combining eastern and western medicine, and strive to serve more American people with the best holistic solutions. Healoonow provides quality services and products to the entire ecological system of integrative medicine. We are focusing on providing individual users who seek one-stop service for integrative healthcare via telemedicine or office visit. We have 300K registered members and have offered tens of thousands integrative healthcare. It also provides one-stop solution for herbal company access to U.S. hospital market and continuous education,integrative medicine residency program for acupuncturists. With 10,000 US-based acupuncturists and 50 HMMP authorized acupuncture clinics.

1:1 video consultation

Video consultation with herbalists

Hospital-based Pharmacy Access

Healoonow understands how to follow up safe practice guidelines in US hopstial.Our team with 20 years experience in hospital are passionate about partnering with herbal company like yours to help you get qualification of pilot operation for safe usage in hospital to boost sales.

Top quality herbal products registered with US FDA, TGA, Kosher and Halal certified.

#1 Herbal Medicine Granule Manufacturer: Fortune 500/Hong Kong Listed Company, dedicated to geo-authentic and sustainable farming,all registered with US FDA, TGA, Kosher and Halal certified.

Global Acupuncture Continue Education

Via online conference and bilingual simultaneous interpretation service, Healoonow provides professional and practical TCM teaching to acupuncturists around the world. Certified credits can be obtained.

The Inheritance Studio of China's Famous Senior TCM Physicians is recruiting in North America

Healoonow cooperated with the Inheritance Studio of China's Famous Senior TCM Physicians to go abroad and recruit inheritors from North America.

Largest online herb shop of North America

Healoonow, Largest online HCH shop of North America, offers 400 herbal ingredients, 100 ready-made remedies, and 40 types of functions foods, all registered with US FDA, TGA, Kosher and Halal certified

World Chinese Medicine Forum Partner Organizations

Second Opinion TCM Experts

Our experts come from the China's Top 10, Grade-A Hospitals


Hair loss
A female patient lost her hair for 8 months, and she began to consult in 4 months after her eyebrows and eyelashes completely fell off. The picture on the left was taken on the day she began to take Chinese medicine formula. The right picture was taken after 15 months of continuous taking Chinese medicine formula. Most of eyelashes and a little of eyebrows have grown out
Recurrent rash
Ms. Xia, 50 years old, first consultation on February 12, 2019 with recurrent rash on both hands for more than 10 years. The picture on the left was taken during the first consultation, and the picture on the right was taken during the subsequent visit in March after taking Chinese medicine formula.

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