Ms. Song suffered from belching, acid regurgitation,oppression in chest and stomachache in March of this year, due to the academic stress of graduation.She hadpain that didn’t like pressure, restlesssleep at night, dreamfulness, normal urination, loose stool, normal appetite, light red tongue and thin white coating, and she took acid-inhibitory drugsby herself, but with no significant effect. She was recommended by a friend to consult Dr Yang Guohua for help. After consultation, DrYang concluded that Ms. Song was suffering from too much stress and emotional tension, which led to stagnation of liver qi that invading the spleen, resulting in impaired harmonious downbearing of the stomach, acid swallow, pain; and liver depression transforming into fire that harass heart spirit, resulting in restless sleep. The patient was given herbal formula of soothing liver for lowering adverse qiand clearing heat and tranquillization as well as mental guidance. After taking the medicine for one week, the symptoms of stomach pain, acid regurgitation and belching were relieved significantly, and the sleep also improved and the stress was reduced.After adjusting the formula and continuing to take Chinese herbal medicine for one week, the symptoms disappeared and the mood was stabilized, followed by giving medicines of spleen-strengthening and qi-regulating for two weeks, and the symptoms have not recurred so far.